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Romania is my kindred ; and all Romanians are my brothers. They are my brothers joy and sorrow , song or tearing , optimism , faith and victory We carry all with us a home in our hearts with eyes as windows to heaven ; and a country called Romania, received as a gift from ancestors who planted in us as dowry holy and sacred flowers of good communication in the beautiful words of our language of Latin origin, wherever we live life on this earth and we did not I left my heart to us other mysteries, nor do we tinder soul because we kept faith in God

 I'm sure that the architect of this infinite universe we loved us: Romanians more, gave us a beautiful country so that we are the only place in the world where our soul is banished feelings of longing for he is home, what he has beautiful my country : Romania ? Gardens and orchards in the colors of the rainbow, bald mountains in stone silence deep millennial forests with trees that preserves the beauty palette used by a masterly hand , holy hills with thousands of flowers, with lots of color , comfort us look with orchards covered the feast of chlorophyll and life, awakened from the sleep of winter to another morning , bathed in sunshine more bright and warm , with rivers sprung all over the country , to quench the thirst of Romanians comprised of industry , the toils land , work - in factory or write a poem, as Romania is born poet, singing and joy and longing , pain and misery , hope and love .

 For her, the ancient ages were sacrificed martyrs and heroes. For her thigh bled Stephen the Great in Chilia. For her and they head off Michael the Brave. For her it 's bones creaked wheel 's Horia and Cloşca. For her scribe urged Şaguna "Romans , unite." Eminescu crazy for her. For it was ill Porumbescu. For her, the country built on the bones of the princes of scholars and peasants . And we, her sons, to say the least : "I am proud of being Romanian " !

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